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The decision to collect Star Wars stuff…where does that desire come from?  For me it popped into my head as soon as I knew there was more than the Luke and Vader figures I was given.  Of course I will need more!  Of course!!  I’ve already told that story so I won’t revisit it here, but you will have your own story, your own reason why you decided you needed to collect.  But why isn’t the only question to consider.  You should also think about how, and what to collect.

What Do I Want To Collect?

The international success of the Star Wars brand has created enough merchandise to choke a Sarlaac, and you can’t own it all, I’ll tell you now, you just can’t.  With that out of the way, we can talk about what you do want to collect.  The main focus of my collection is the traditional 3.75″ range, and that is probably true for the majority of collectors.  I also have most of the Black Series figures, and all manner of other stuff to contend with.  If might be easier if you break down the ‘What’ question for your own collection into subcategories.

  • What range of product to collect?  Funko Pops?  3.75″?  Black Series?  Hot Toys?  Lunchboxes?  T-shirts?
  • Will that be all I collect, or is this a mixed collection?
  • Am I focussing on one character or group only, or is anything fair game?
  • Am I opening these packages, or do I worship MIB (Mint In Box)?
  • Is it one to open, and one to keep in box?
  • Can I commit to being a completist (if that’s what you desire)?
  • Would any of these items look better with a signature from a Star Wars personality?

Star Wars CollectingDave Prowse Empire Day

How Am I going To Collect?

The closing of the Toy’s R Us chain has left quite a gap in the retail toy market.  Online toy shopping is looking more and more attractive to collectors for a long list of reasons.  If you are lucky enough to have a Walmart or similar large chain, you can probably eventually get most of the things you want.  If you don’t though, how are you going to get what you need?

  • Am I using retail or online solutions, or both?
  • Can I get to a convention to find those rarer items (and can I afford convention prices)?
  • Is E-bay my friend, or my worst enemy?
  • Do I have the space to devote to these items?
  • Do I have the money to devote to these items?
  • Is my family ok with living in a Star Wars house?
  • Am I ok having signatures I did not witness being signed (or without certification), or is it all about meeting that person?
  • Seriously bro, where is all this stuff going?

I have answered some of these questions for myself, and some I am still struggling with.  In this series I will be detailing my solutions, and experiences of collecting.  Maybe you are starting a collection of your own, or perhaps you just need some fresh ideas.

Lets get started!

(Leave a comment below if there is anything specific you want covered)


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