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Warwick Davis Launches Tenable Board Game

London, January 22nd, Warwick Davis zips up on his Segway to launch the Tenable board game at Toy Fair 2019.  Tenable for those of you who might still be on the train home of an evening, is a game show hosted by Warwick on ITV.  In this show, teams of five attempt to compile top ten lists in their specialty subjects, and a final all or nothing round on an obscure topic.

I sat down with Warwick to learn a bit more about Tenable, and take on the quizmaster himself in a round of the game.  How did you become involved in Tenable, did you originate the concept?  “The wonderful people at Endemol Shine came to me and presented the idea of the show.  These things start in a very small way, in an office or boardroom, some staff and interns play the game.  You might think yeah this has got potential, this could be a fun game, you develop it and hopefully you get a pilot.  If the channel like it they’ll order a series and hopefully you’ll get to do some more.”


Obviously as we have gone on, you begin to tweak it and I add my own humour to the show.  Tenable for me is a great game, but also it’s an entertainment show, it’s a fun show.  It’s a fun hour that we spend together, having a bit of a laugh with the contestants.  I often say what the audience would say to the contestants if they could speak through the TV.  You know, it’s infuriating if you’re watching and you think why did they just give that answer?

Warwick has another role as host of Star Wars Celebration, appearing this April in Chicago.  Anyone familiar with Warwick either from Tenable, or the Celebration Main Stage will appreciate his quick wit, and sparkling sense of humour.  “I don’t take life too seriously myself, I’ve got a sense of humour about who I am but at the same time I like to have a little bit of fun with people, in a way that’s not mean spirited.”


There are points in the show (Tenable) where it becomes quite serious, there’s a lot of money up for grabs, up to sixty thousand pounds or so.  I really want the people to win, and in the course of recording, over two and a half hours you get to know these people and their stories.  Often it comes down to one person, and one question.  “Even if they have the entire team in for that last board, it soon depletes down and you have one person with all that pressure and it’s quite tense in the studio.  I’m just willing them to get it and go home with some money.

Warwick invited me to test my luck in a round of Tenable, and I’m happy to say I qualified for the final round with £5,000 imaginary pounds.  I asked Warwick how he felt about the game, and does it represent the show well?  “You know what, I love it, it’s simple but it’s very playable, it’s one of those games that you can all argue about.  Every good board game should generate a family argument and this one will do that!.”


The Tenable board game will be available in toy stores and online in the near future.

Image credit: ITV



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