The Running Stormtrooper

For most people, running for the bus is about as far as it goes.  For Jez Allinson however, a passion for running has lead to multiple marathons, some of which have been run in full Stormtrooper armour.  Jez has just completed the 2018 London Marathon, running in support of Make A Wish and is preparing for his next outing – a 100KM (62 Mile) run around Pinewood studios on May 17th 2018.

Jez achieved a Guiness world record in the 2017 London Marathon (fastest marathon dressed as a Star Wars character, male) so he is clearly qualified to do this.  If you were planning on running for an estimated twenty hours, you would also need to have a pretty good reason.  Doing it in Stormtrooper armour, that requires two amazing reasons.  Those reasons are Make A Wish, and Spread A Smile, two incredible charities raising money to help very sick children.

I encourage you to visit Stormtrooperrun to learn more about all the good work Jez has been doing, and please click the link below to show support for this fantastic act of kindness.


The Running Stormtrooper Jez heart



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