The Last Jedi Opening Weekend

The Last Jedi has outperformed Disney’s expectations at the box office this opening weekend, taking a massive $220 Million dollars in North America. Estimated Worldwide box office figures are hovering around $450 Million. If the performance of the previous ‘Episode’ is anything to go by, The Last Jedi will most likely take $1 Billion worldwide before the end of the year making this the third Star Wars mega-hit in as many years for Disney and Lucasfilm.

“‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ posts the second biggest preview gross, the second best single day gross ever recorded and if that were not enough, the second biggest opening weekend ever in North America, joining the elusive $200 million club with a knockout of a movie that is proving to be both catnip to the critics and moviegoers alike over what has become the strongest moviegoing weekend of 2017,” Paul Dergarabedian, senior media analyst at comScore.

This of course does not account for all of the money to be made by The Last Jedi, there are mountains of toys headed to Christmas trees around the world. The soundtrack and other ancillery products as well as cross promotions such as BB8 water and R2D2 cheese will deliver yet more profit to Disney.

With no end in sight for the franchises movies, scheduled to come out annually until further notice, Disney has already made back the $4 Billion they spent to aquire Lucasfilm. Everything from now on is merely a protracted victory lap around the competition.

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