The Last Jedi Blu-Ray

Now that The Last Jedi is nearing the end of its cinematic run, it’s time to get ready for the DVD/Blu-Ray. Based on the early April release dates of The Force Awakens and Rogue One, which both had December cinematic premieres, I am putting my money on an April 3rd release!  Get ready for The Last Jedi Blu-Ray.

There is still time to decide what format you would like and which special edition, with Target and Best Buy already announcing their special edition options.
The Target exclusive includes a copy of the movie on Blu-Ray, DVD & a digital copy, as well as a 40 page booklet including excusive images, facts and personal insights from Rian Johnson AND ‘Meet the Porgs’, an exclusive featurette about the making of Porgs.

Of course there is always Amazon (UK) who have a pre-order price guarantee. The site lists the release as having a limited edition ‘The Resistance sleeve’ for both Blu-Ray & DVD options. Amazon (USA) is not currently advertising the Blu-Ray.

So think it over, make a choice, or get them all!

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