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The Last Jedi Behind The Scenes

It’s about family.  And that’s what’s so powerful about it.


Another Star Wars trailer making me cry, this should by now be expected, it has happened every time since the words ‘every generation has a legend’ appeared on my T.V. and The Phantom Menace’s first trailer claimed new territory in my brain for George Lucas.  Today however it is the second trailer for The Last Jedi causing emotional surges. The seemingly new tradition of teaser, followed by behind the scenes, followed by full trailer, then international trailer, that is how we are doing it now apparently.  I have decided to keep this short, and to just give a few selected images of interesting things from the trailer, and not to focus on the heroes, the familiar faces, or how shiny Captain Phasma’s new armour is, there will be plenty of other sites making exhaustive lists of every tiny thing.

So here are the things that I liked, and of course the trailer itself for you to obsessively watch and re-watch.  Or is that just me?

The first thing I really appreciated was the red dust blasting over the camera, a beautiful image, and I’m sure it will look even better on the big screen, that’s why I decided it should open this post. The next was the Rebel pilot falling past the black spheres.  Not only a cool looking stunt, but I can’t think of another shot in Star Wars like it.  I imagine the spheres are bombs or something like that, so maybe that’s where some of these explosions in the hanger bay are coming from.

Next is the legendary handover of the infamous Lightsaber of Anakin Skywalker himself, from father to son via…some random girl??

And that random girl as we all know is Maz Kanata – welcome back Lupita Nyong’o.  Hopefully we will hear the rest of that story of how she ended up with Vader’s Saber in her basement.

Breaking my own rule here, but how could I resist Chewie sitting alone at a campfire, under the Falcon.  Such a sad image, yet so very beautiful.

And last but not least, some brave stunt person earning their pay with not only their bravery, but also their authentic look of absolute terror.

Enough from me, if you haven’t seen it yet…and how you got to the bottom of the page without clicking on it I don’t know –  go back to the top and enjoy the ‘sizzle reel’ as it’s called, behind the scenes of ‘The Last Jedi’.






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