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The greatest moment of my life

The story of the greatest moment in my life.


Some people will tell you having a child is the greatest moment in your life, it changes you, it transforms you into the person you were meant to be.  I don’t know about that, having children is something better done by people who like that sort of thing.  Other people will tell you climbing a mountain is the pinnacle of a life experience.  Couldn’t say -I’m not climbing the stairs unless there’s a bed, or a good burger up there.  This is not that sort of story.  The greatest moment of my life, was 100% Star Wars!


Harrison Ford surprises fans in Omaze video


This story begins one day on, with a video showing a company called Omaze skyping Star Wars fans and surprising them with Harrison Ford popping out to say Hi to promote their latest contest.  If you haven’t heard of them, Omaze is a company that runs contests to win experiences with celebrities, to raise funds for charity.  Great idea, I thought I’d have a go and went to see if we had any spare change lying about.  I thought I would enter in the same way you buy a lotto ticket, not actually expecting it to go anywhere.  In this case however paying a certain amount gets you a sweet T-shirt, kinda like Kickstarter.  So that’s what I did.  And then forgot all about it.


JJ Abrahms Force for change promo


Weeks passed, and one wet morning I received an email to say I was one of ten people shortlisted for the grand prize, a trip to the Red carpet European premiere of The Force Awakens! Well sure, they probably tell everyone that don’t they, to make it a bit more glamourous.  I remember getting a letter in the mail once telling me that “You may already have won a million dollars.” That sort of thing.  Marketing.  Showbiz.

What’s that at the bottom of the email?  They want to Skype tonight?  Lucky I’m already wearing a tie then – let’s see what they say. Might even get to have a chat to Harrison Ford.

Sitting on the couch that night I thought of all the things I would say, how to congratulate the winner, and not look crushed on something that is most likely being recorded to appear in a future advert for Omaze.  Adult and polite, that’s the way to be…and then the skype went bingle bingle bong.  A very upbeat American lady called Jordan from Omaze chatted to me for a while.   Jordan asked about my collection of toys (large) and who my favourite Character is (Boba Fett) and if I was to win who I would most like to meet.

I remember quite clearly, her saying “Well that’s good because you’ve won.” Jordan was smiling at me from the Laptop screen and I felt the seconds slow down and my mind floated away.  I looked around the room and saw my girlfriend had tears flowing down her face like a cartoon…did she just say I won?  My own tears poured out immediately and time returned to normal speed.  Jordan was still waiting for me to speak, she must have thought the connection had dropped.  I thought I should probably say something, realizing it’s been a while since I spoke…


Now, what has happened from my point of view, is my favourite thing in the world has called me up and invited me out to the movies.  Pretty unlikely, but that’s essentially what’s going on.  I have survived a car crash, it was nothing compared to this utter shock.  Stunned into silence, I noted Harrison Ford did not pop up to say Hi.  Thinking back to my pre-skype plan, I realised this was definitely being recorded, and now like Kevin Smith, I was a fat man crying about Star Wars on the internet.


Continued tomorrow in part two.




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