The Black Series : The Armorer Review

The Mandalorian is only a few weeks short of a second season, and seems to be the hottest thing in all of Star Wars.  From Youtube, to Instagram to your girlfriends t-shirt, The Mando and The Child are riding high on a tidal wave of goodwill unseen since The Force Awakened.  The merchandise however has been a little lopsided in some respects, with ‘Baby Yoda’ stealing the spotlight since he first reached out his little clawed hand.  Hoping to surpass the mini frog gobbler is the latest character from Disneys The Mandalorian – The Armorer!

Just released in the convention exclusives range for cancelled conventions is The Armorer deluxe figure.  Perhaps a strange choice when there are characters more central to the plot that could have been released to cement the range, such as Greef Karga or Kuill. The Armorer is undoubtedly a beautiful figure though and an excellent rendition of the costume.

The Black Series The Armorer side

The Light Side

The likeness to the actual costume is amazingly accurate, and helped by a pretty close match to the textures and colours of the cloth, leather, fur and polished metal.  The Armorer is a minimal suit of armour compared to Jango and the Mandalorian himself.  The helmet and breastplate alone represent the sacred traditions, otherwise The Armourer is dressed only in a jumpsuit and gloves.  This must be a huge relief to cosplayers in terms of making and wearing their own versions.  Rather than being underdressed for a warrior race however, this is a practical choice for someone working in a forge.  The Armorer is creating not just armour pieces, but pieces of art so it makes sense to have a lighter uniform under those circumstances.

Providing a unique decorative touch is an attached soft goods fur cloak which has a nice shine to complement the golden helmet.  An armorer needs her tools so you get hammer and tongs, and a Mando helmet to work upon.  Also included in this deluxe version are a ‘glowing’ set of hammer and tongs heated by the forge, as well as a detachable sparking effect!  Both sets of tongs can hold the helmet to beat it into shape or hold it in place for display on the shelf

The Black Series The Armorer side with tool

The Dark Side

Articulation is quite good overall with a few caveats.  The Joints are all very stiff and require both hands to gently but firmly move them a couple of times to get started.  Arms are able to move about 45 degrees forward and backward but the shoulder armour halts their movement because it is attached to the Breastplate rather than being a separate piece like Jango or the clones. To be fair though, the shoulder armour is meant to be a padded leathery material, and is represented here by a softer slightly flexible plastic which allows the hammer to be raised high enough to look realistic.  Fitting the Hammer and other tools into the hands is a bit tricky because the hands are quite inflexible, and I was afraid I might snap something – but again if you are firm but gentle you too can recreate some sweaty metalwork action poses. 

The Black Series The Armorer arranged

Do Or Do Not

Finding anything truly negative to say about The Armorer was a real stretch.  This figure looks great, and stands well on it’s own which I can’t say for about a third of the range which are regularly falling over in my display cabinets despite having plastic stands.  If you want to keep The Armorer in her display box, you’ll have a really nice piece for your collection.  The sliding tray has a clever loop of cardboard inside which stops the figure tray from sliding out entirely, and is itself a simple yet luxurious touch for collectors keeping their figures boxed.

That would be a real shame though because not only is The Armourer a nice companion piece to The Mando, she is a unique looking figure and really stands out amongst the others on the shelf in a similar way to Qi’ra from the ‘Solo’ range. If you can find the exclusive and want the extra tools, or if you will be happy with the standard release, either way The Armorer is a quality addition to your collection.  Definitely do.

The Black Series The Armorer posed

You can purchase The Armorer at Forbidden Planet here


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