The Black Series : Cad Bane Review

Cad Bane is cool.  He is drenched in badassery from his wide brimmed hat to his long duster jacket.  The world of Bounty Hunters and Mandalorians, and the frontier spirit of so many Star Wars locations stems directly from George Lucas’s childhood cinema-going.  Twin six guns, and the split tail duster are undeniable emblems of the Westerns, and Spaghetti Westerns that Cad is born of.  Reproducing these elements in an action figure presents quite a challenge for Hasbro, in bringing a cartoon to life in a realistic style.

Cad Bane is another of the latest Convention Exclusive figure released to retail, in the year that destroyed conventions around the world.  Complete with his sidekick Todo 360, Cad Bane is dressed in his trademark duster and hat (both removable) and has twin blasters in generously sized holsters and a satchel.  Lets take a closer look!

Cad Bane and Todo 360

The Light Side

Cad Bane is a fan favourite, and as such needs to represent the look of the character well, and be a useful / fun toy for those fans happy to open the package or it will be doubly disappointing.  This sculpt reproduces not only the key features you would initially think of, such as Cads red pupil-less eyes and gritted teeth, but also the minor details like Cads Mando style flamethrower gauntlets and numerous metallic greeblies on the clothing.  The flamethrower controls have some fuel lines which are flexible separate cables, which in previous years would have been merely painted ridges along the arm. Cads satchel strap has been formed with a nice snug fit around the body enabling the bag itself to sit in the small of his back.

Cad Bane and Todo 360 rear

The realistic colour palette of a cowboy type, would make rather a dull looking figure but the blue and red alien features pop right out, and the silver highlights draw the eye to numerous points of the costume.  Speaking of nice paintjobs, the Todo figure is super basic in colouration, just silver and yellow eyes as per the source material.  The yellow eyes compliment the all over silver nicely and remind me of that classic Lucas combination we have seen in Anakin’s Coruscant speeder, Naboo Starfighters, and several real world cars from Georges movies and life.  

Todo 360

The Dark Side

Cad Bane is a great figure, and is fairly well articulated in himself.  I think the choices made in designing Cad expose a couple of problems though.  The first drawback is the duster, the way it is made and the choice of plastic over cloth.  In a similar way to Han from The Force Awakens, the jacket is separate from the arms of the jacket.  While you can remove the jacket, Cad himself would then look odd with his jacket shoulders still stuck on.  The chaps he wears over his trousers are also the same colour as the trousers, and could have done with different weathering or texturing to emphasise the difference in materials.

When posing Cad in some version of standing up straight, he looks fantastic.  If you wanted to sit Cad down his coat tails will not allow it, so that limits the usefulness factor a little.  Another detail I found slightly annoying is the gun holsters which look great when you seat the pistols correctly, but they are a little roomy inside which leads the pistols to fall backwards with only a slight bump. 


This version of Cad Bane is a deluxe figure, but it seems like it isn’t offering a lot more than the basic version, by adding the Todo mini figure.  What would have impressed me more would be to add a second mini figure the same size, namely the Bounty Hunter Robonino who was included in some 3.75 scale boxsets.  This would have been the time to do it, because lets face it he is only really associated with Cad Bane so that opportunity is gone now.  A final gripe, while we’re at it.  The boot rockets should have had alternate versions with flames coming out the bottom that you could swap out. 

Cad Bane Rocketboots Flamethrower 

Do Or Do Not

Cad Bane is beloved by fans of The Clone Wars, and there is little doubt you want the figure if you have read this far.  The figure itself looks great in most standing poses and is a nice change from all the core characters and troopers we usually get.  Is it good value as a deluxe figure though?  I’m going to say no, it just feels like it could have been more and really fell short of deserving to be a deluxe offering as it is.  Are there that many Todo fans out there?  If you are all about exclusives, or keeping things boxed by all means track it down. For the average collector I am confident you will be happy with the standard version.

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