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San Diego Comic Con Top Three Reveals

Star Wars Black series dominates


Every time the big conventions reveal the coming years Star Wars merchandise, I look through pages and pages of every kind of product you can slap a logo onto.  Usually I’m not in the market for most of it, preferring to focus on the classic 3.75″ range which is the core of my collection.  This year, while there has been mention of quite a few 3.75 ” figures yet to come, it is the larger scale toys that are commanding everyone’s attention.  The Black series with it’s highly detailed sculpts has a number of high profile releases including Grand Admiral Thrawn and Grand Moff Tarkin, Hot Toys, Sideshow and many more have appeared en masse.  Time to talk with your partner about getting that second mortgage.

I’m excited for so many of these things to come clutter up my house, I could line up delivery trucks around the block if I had the money.  Because I haven’t won Lotto yet, I’ll be picking out a few of the best pieces to buy as they come to market over the coming months.  Here then is my top three San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) reveals which are all from Hasbro’s Black series.  I can’t wait to get my hands on them.  Coming in at Number 3… Black series : Luke Skywalker and Landspeeder (image courtesy )

We’ve got a sweet durable looking windowbox which allows the vehicle and figure plenty of room to look good.  A good selection of accessories including Poncho and floppy hat, really brings the movie accuracy we love.  I’ll have a hard time deciding if this is staying in the box or not.  As good as that is, I think my next pick will definitely be coming out of the box.  Number two on the list, Black series : Dewback Lizard and Stormtrooper ( image courtesy Steele wars podcast )

Now we’re talking.  I was twenty something before I saw my first Dewback from the original range, shortly before I picked up one of the excellent Power Of The Force 3.75″ releases around 1997.  If I was a young collector now, I couldn’t imagine a better rendition of the Dewback to bug my parents for, it is huge and super detailed, and those reins look like theyre going to last many desert patrols.  This model is apparently going to be slightly revised for it’s release later in the year, but as long as it looks similar to this, I’m on board.  Last but definitely not least, my pick for best of show… Black series : Luke and Rey from The Last Jedi (image courtesy of Jedi News ).

This is what we have been waiting for, new product from The Last Jedi, and what a great start to the range.  Both characters look nicely detailed thanks to the new facial ‘printing’ technology.  The softgoods look well sewn as opposed to some of the Jedi cloaks from the 3.75″ range a few years back.  The larger scale of these Black series makes it easier to produce a realistic cloak, and especially on Jedi Master Luke it looks just like that scene on the mountaintop.  Oddly, from images I’ve seen of the figures out of the box, Rey has all the accessories, Luke has not been allowed even a lightsaber handle.  Is that a hint of whats yet to be shown in the movie itself, or is it another bait and switch like 2015’s release of Rey without Saber to prevent her force sensitive nature being revealed too early.  I guess they can’t just put out a toy of Luke with a red lightsaber before anyones had a chance to see the The Last Jedi for themselves.

I did not say that, I was not here.




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