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Star Wars merchandise has been flowing for almost 40 continuous years.  Everyone who likes Star Wars owns an amount of action figures, t-shirt, or a Darth Vader toaster.  Most of the merchandise is mass produced, even the exclusive or limited edition items are numbered in the thousands.  We all have the same Krennic figure for example.

Ask yourself what have you got that’s special?  What have you got that’s unique?  To own a one of a kind item, you have only two options.

Han Auction RGL

To own an actual movie prop, like Han Solo’s jacket from The Empire Strikes Back.  Estimated at $1,300,000 by the auction house but bids only reached $597,000 in a recent auction.  Probably still out of most of our price ranges.

The alternative is to get yourself something that has only been made once.  A custom piece of memorabilia.  One good way to do that is to head to RGL customs and pick up a custom prop replica or diorama.  Reece Lawlor has been creating his own versions of the well known characters for a couple of years, either by modifying an existing piece or by 3D printing original sculptures.  Reece has recently made a move to work at Pinewood Studios on….something he is unable to talk about at this time.   You can find Reece at Conventions around the U.K. and for a reasonable price you can bring home one of his fantastic creations.

RGL Slave

RGL Saber

RGL Mudtrooper

You can see more of Reece’s pieces through the RGL Facebook page.  While you are there make sure you enter the amazing Sabaac box giveaway to win a custom Sabaac set by liking his page and sharing the post.

RGL sabacc


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