Star Wars Resistance : Capable Of Big Things

May Contain Nuts, And Minor Spoilers

Star Wars has followed every movie trilogy so far with an animated spin-off. The original movies were supplemented by Droids, and Ewoks cartoon series. The Prequels lead to The Clone Wars, which in turn lead to Rebels. The sequel trilogy now has an animated show of it’s own with Star Wars Resistance. The newest gift from Filoni and co is set a few years before The Force Awakens and is not focussed directly on the galactic conflict.

Resistance starts with an extremely brief set up and then we’re off to the races, literally. The show is set on the refuelling platform ‘Colossus’, an outer space oilrig, standing above the oceans of Castilon. The residents are mostly everyday folks, working normal jobs on what could loosely be described as Star Wars : Deep Space Nine. The primary source of fun and action on the station is betting on high speed races in the sky around the platform. The shows main character Kazuda Xiono is introduced as a New Republic pilot but mere minutes later his life has become complicated indeed.  Kazuda finds himself very much a fish out of water as he is given an important mission to find a First Order agent hidden somewhere on the planet.

Star Wars Resistance BB8

There are a number of supporting characters, all very entertaining, but the names are some of the most Star Warsy names ever created.  I’m going to need a bit of time to get a handle on who everyone is, and tell my Neeku Vozo’s from my Tam Ryvora’s. The obvious difference in animation style between Resistance and those that preceded it has been a point of contention, but by the time the main title appears you feel right at home.

The characters appear slim, in a similar fashion to Rebels but move in a much less jerky manner.  While the art is quite stylised, the animation is very realistic and really enhances the cinematic feel of the show. The use of colour and warm glowy lighting makes the station seem like a real place and the various times of the day all appear different. The environments seeming warm or cool as high noon passes through afternoon, into night.

Star Wars Resistance Yager

It is clear that this show will move towards the awakening of The Force, and may only be planned to be three or four seasons long. To borrow a phrase from Poe Damaron, Resistance is capable of big things, but it will need time to get set up. I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes, and to perhaps find out more about Aunt Z’s interesting collection of helmets…

U.K. viewers can see the exciting first episode Oct 13, at 9.30 AM on Disney XD


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