Razor Crest funded in 24 hours

The Haslab Razor Crest has been funded. The latest Star Wars Haslab project that was announced on day 1 of Hasbro PulseCon has reached it’s first backing milestone within 24hrs. Now with over 6,000 backers the Razor Crest has met the requirements to be produced.

Razor Crest has been funded

The first stretch target has been unlocked and if the Razor Crest hits 8,000 backers there will be an escape pod add-on.

Razor Crest unlock 1

In contrast to the first Haslab project, the Sail Barge, The Razor Crest has been backed incredibly fast. While the Sail Barge ended up exceeding the backing requirements, it was a much slower start and came down to a big push in the last week.

This could be down to the price difference, as the Razor Crest price point of $349.99 USD makes it more palatable for a larger market, but also as it is the 2nd Haslab project, people don’t want to miss out. Once the funding period was over for the Sail Barge, that was it and the price on the secondary market is greatly inflated.

So, if you are thinking about, make sure you get in before November 9th, and the more backers, the more chance of that second stretch target being unlocked.

UK buyers can back the project at Zavvi


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