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Star Wars - Resistance has announced that production has begun on a new animated series, Star Wars Resistance, due to premiere on Disney Channel this fall in the U.S., and then on Disney XD around the world. The series has been created by Dave Filoni, so already there is a proven track record of quality material.

Set in the time before The Force Awakens. the series will feature BB8, Poe Dameron & Captain Phasma, and will focus on a young Resistance pilot, Kazuda Xiono. Oscar Issac & Gwendoline Christie will be voicing their animated counterparts.

With Filoni on board I am sure this will be a great series, however I am slightly skeptical about the shelf life as a prequel doesn’t seem to leave room to grow. Will this be another short lived series? I hope not as I really enjoyed Clone Wars & Rebels, and am looking forward to a new animation, not to mention all the merch!

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