Moloch : Solo A Star Wars Story 3.75 Figure

Every new Star Wars movie seems to bring an avalanche of different versions of the main characters.  I’m okay buying Luke and Kylo toys all day long, but the creatures and droids often get overlooked.  Where for example, are the Ahch-to Caretakers figures.  Where is the ME-8D9 figure?  Thankfully Moloch, one of the minor villains from the Solo movie has been given a decent release alongside all the Young Han’s released so far.

Moloch close up

The Moloch figure looks very much like the character from the movie, and this is both a strength and a weakness.  The sculpt is nicely detailed, from the folds and wrinkles of the cloak, to the ridges of the decoration strips and head coverings.  The Paint application is nicely executed as well, stay within the lines and nothing looks slapped on.  The colours are screen accurate, but again, the grey palette of the movie gives us a grey figure which is a little dull.

Moloch 3 quarter

As accurate and well made as this figure is, Moloch is not as creatively designed as a lot of other characters with a similar amount of screen time, for example Sidon Ithano.  The heavy lifting is done by the headpiece of the characters costume, and the same is true of the figure.  In a novel approach to helmets, the facemask is removable and reveals the characters actual face underneath, as seen in the White Worms den.  The facemask seamlessly clicks into place and is supported by the breathing apparatus which locks it to the head.  This is a fun way to emulate the film, and is great for collectors and kids alike to play with.

Moloch front

Moloch is pleasantly heavy and has 2 accessories, a staff and a snub blaster which slots comfortably into the front holster.  The design of the figure allows the robe lines to flow, but at the cost of articulation.  Moloch has shoulder and wrist swivel joints but no waist or head movement at all.  The biggest surprise in this figure for me is not the face reveal mask, it is the feet or rather lack of feet.  Moloch has a caterpillar body like his ‘Mother’ which was not apparent from any of the promo shots or scenes in the movie.  The thick base of the figure gives a nice stability, and adds a new dimension to the character.

Moloch feet

Moloch is a Force Link 2.0 toy, but his lines from the movie do not appear here.  Molochs sound effects are merely growls and grumbles.  Perhaps a victim of production schedules rather than poor decision making, but a missed opportunity nonetheless.  The newly announced Black series figure appears almost identical, but both will be worthy purchases, and I recommend picking him up if you get the chance.

I recently interviewed the man inside Moloch, actor and stuntman Harley Durst.  Read the interview here.

If you would like to meet him yourself and get your figure signed, he is appearing at London Film & Comic Con (Sat 28th and Sunday 29th July).


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