Mission Accomplished

What does a hero look like?

A Police Officer, A member of the armed services, or a Fire Brigade volunteer?  Yes, those brave individuals protect us in various ways, and are all definitely heroes.  There is another type of hero, the selfless individuals who quietly give their time and energy in various ways to improve others lives.  One such person has recently completed his mission to raise funds for Make A Wish, and Spread A Smile, two deserving children’s charities.  This persons name is Jez Allinson, and he might well be the first Stormtrooper to hit his target.

jez running pinewood

Jez had already achieved a great deal in his running career, completing several marathons dressed as a Stormtrooper to raise money for charity.  In the process, Jez earned himself a spot in the Guiness world records as the fastest Star Wars costumed runner to complete the 2017 London Marathon.  Not content to leave it at that, Jez had one last goal, one last Stormtrooper run to complete.  Starting at midnight on May 17th, when all sensible people were tucked up in bed, Jez set out to run 100KM in Stormtrooper armour.  That’s just over 62Miles if you are reading this from 1943.

Jez was supported in this effort by family, friends and the good people at Pinewood studios who provided him a safe flat environment to run in.  Pinewood studios and Lucasfilm kindly allowed Jez to run inside the Lucasfilm lot at Pinewood East.  After a security briefing for the support crew and photographers about what could and could not be shown, it was all over to The Running Stormtrooper to do the hard bit.  Jez completed his 100KM in just under 13 hours, and has blasted past his donation goal of £6200 pounds, with over £7000 in the total and still counting.  Jez will continue to run, and raise funds in some way, but he says the Stormtrooper armour wont be coming along any more.

jez finish

If you would like to make a difference to the children and families who benefit from the work Make A Wish and Spread A Smile do, there are a few ways you can help out.

5 mile stormtrooper run medal

Get inspired, and take part in a Virtual Run.  You will be making a donation to these great charities, get yourself a bit of exercise in the way that suits you best, and be rewarded with one of these sweet Stormtrooper winners medals.  Even walking the dog can count towards your goal, click here.

Donate on Jez’s Virgin Money fundraiser page , or donate direct to Make A Wish or Spread A Smile

jez black park



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