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Making Episode IX : A Childhood Dream Comes True

Reece Lawlor is just like you.  A lifelong Star Wars fan, collected the toys, read the books.  Dreamt of one day becoming part of the movies we love.  Episode IX is almost a year in the future, but the RGL customs story starts a long time ago…

Reece took his first steps by customising some of his own action figures.  Reece found that with a lick of paint and a base he could often greatly improve their appearance.. “A good buddy kinda pushed me to start a page as a place to display my pieces to the public. I shared some pieces of my work on various Facebook pages and websites and the work was very well received.  The crazy thing is that my hobby is now a career. All the work that I do or have done has been self taught, with watching some tutorial videos along the way, and various methods of trial and error. I worked on pieces for my own as I wanted pieces that looked great, but didn’t cost an arm and a leg to own.”

Reece Lawlor Making Episode 9 Solo Falcon

Now known as RGL customs, Reece can often be found at Sci-fi conventions around England. Selling his art directly to the public gives Reece a chance to take on feedback and chat about his love of Star Wars and Sci Fi in general.  The main drive for the page is to give fans an chance to own something that looks expensive and valuable for a very affordable price.

Slave One Reece Lawlor Making Episode 9


“The most humbling part of the convention stalls is all the people that have a look and all the kind words that people say to me, and the fact people seem to come back every time Is a great feeling.”  In one of those life changing moments last year, Reece received a phone call.  Invited to Pinewood Studios he was given the chance to become part of the team making Episode IX.

“My work was seen by someone who worked in another department and gave the contact information for the department I was in. I Was invited in for an interview and after three nervous weeks was offered a position.” The work is done now, but due to the agreement made with Lucasfilm, Reece can only give his impression based on his experience.  Neither he nor I want to be sued.

Jedi Sacred text Reece Lawlor Making Episode 9

“In terms of IX, I can’t talk about anything. All I will say is from what I’ve seen this won’t disappoint. Working on IX was a weird experience. I’d never have imagined when I started the page originally that I’d literally be working my dream job, so it was a fantastic experience, one I’ll never forget. Everyone I was with were just excited about the project and can’t wait for everyone to see it, as it’s an incredibly exciting project that’s looking fantastic, and the chance to even walk around sets was just a dream come true.

I recommend you follow Reece on Facebook to stay up to date on his latest works and appearances.  You might still be in time to enter the Solo Sabacc set giveaway.  When he is able to speak about his time on Episode IX more freely, that’s the place to get the full story.

501 front helmet Reece Lawlor Making Episode 9


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