Lucky To Be Boba Fett

Last month I caught up with Jeremy Bulloch, better known as Boba Fett from The Empire Strikes Back, And Return Of The Jedi, at the Liverpool Comic Con.  Jeremy has regularly featured at conventions the world over and is a fan favourite for his tireless dedication to the ‘meet and greet’ trade.

What have you been up to since the last time we met, Jeremy?

“I’m taking time out for myself”, time to spend with his ten grandchildren.  “They’re growing up and the time gets away from you, seems like they were little and now they’re twenty one, they’re adults. It’s time now for Boba to take a rest, it’s good to come out to the shows but it is hard work.”  I know what Jeremy means when he says it is hard work, he is renowned for the effort he puts into his appearances, usually standing on his feet to speak face to face with the fans. Jeremy often brings a suit of Boba Fett armour and wears it for photoshoots with fans.

Going the extra mile is normal for Jeremy Bulloch, recently turned 73. I asked Jeremy what he meant by a rest, “Walking, keeping fit, it’s important to look after yourself, and you have to set a pace, walk quickly and swing your arms, very important.” He looked at me realising perhaps I was not as keen on walking as he was, and gave me a warm smile. I have met Jeremy before, and he has always struck me as very quick witted, and you can find yourself the subject of a good natured ribbing if you don’t watch out.

Jeremy Bulloch

Jeremy is also catching up on the decorating, “I was a decorator in a previous life” he jokes, referring to one of the jobs he was busy with before the Star Wars galaxy swept him away. I asked Jeremy if his wife Maureen had been finding things needing mending?  Jeremy glanced at her, laughed and said “No, there’s always something needing doing”.  Maureen is ‘Scotty’ to Jeremy’s ‘Kirk’, and keeps the machinery of the Boba Fett business turning over. Jeremy paused for a second and said you know, Maureen is the one who knows where the passports are, knows where I’ve left the keys, without her I would wonder about these things all day. Watching them together, they make a great team, Jeremy works the crowd and Maureen keeps the office in order.

“Playing Boba Fett was fun, the involvement with the Star Wars thing has been amazing, and has given us many opportunities for travel and to see the world. We are enjoying our retirement, and spending time together and with the family, that’s the most important thing. Having fun is also important, if it’s not fun why would you do it?” I feel like Jeremy is interviewing me, and he is doing a better job at it, so I tighten my grip on the notepad and try to get back in the swing.

Who is Boba Fett? “You’re looking at him!” Jeremy’s eyes sparkle as he laughs at his joke. He continues, “He’s tricky, yes that’s who he is, he’s tricky. You always have to be looking over your shoulder because he might be sneaking up on you. He’s going to get you, that’s who he is. He’s someone I’d like to be, someone who always has a plan.”

Jeremy has been a regular at Conventions for over forty years, meeting thousands of fans around the world. I asked him about the travelling Fett roadshow appearing recently consisting of himself, Temuera Morrison, and Young Boba, Daniel Logan. “That’s always fun, they’re fantastic guys, especially little Daniel, I think of him as little but he’s not little anymore, he’s a big lad. He’s full of energy.”  I ask him how he keeps Daniel under control, again he laughs and says “That’s not possible, he’s always so enthusiastic he steals the show!”

“I’ve been very lucky to Be Boba Fett, the whole thing has been a great deal of fun.”  Meeting the fans is another aspect Which Jeremy enjoys, I asked him if he has any favourite items he has been given by fans. “I was given a set of tiny paintings of myself as Boba Fett, they are very nice, I really like those.” Was there anything weird? Yes he says, “Knives, I was given a set of knives, that was odd. They were very well made, but even though someone has given you something so nice, it’s just not practical to try and walk through customs in Heathrow with a set of ornate daggers. Shame, they were lovely.”

Jeremy Bulloch is likely appearing at a convention near you, in between decorating and looking for the car keys, or you can buy a signature direct from his website.


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