Liverpool Comic Con 2018

A Fun Family Day Out

It was my first visit to Liverpool this weekend for the Liverpool Comic Con 2018. This show has been put together by entrepenuer Andrew Kleek, Director of Monopoly Events, to fill a gap left behind when previous promoter MCM decided to concentrate on the London market. Speaking with Andrew at the event he told me he believed it was important the event remain in Liverpool, and that it be produced by the people for the people of the area. Andrew revealed he had only had eight weeks to go from the deal to the doors opening, but the crowds pouring through those doors confirm he has made the right decision. There is plenty of scope to expand in the future, the Liverpool Exhibition Centre is a great venue with lots of restaurants, parking, and attractions nearby, to make a great day out for the family. This year about a third of the Exhibition Centre is being used, but Andrew would like to grow the show to use the full capacity of 35,000 attendees in the future.

star wars cosplayers

The modern venue boasts spacious areas to ready your costume for a grand entrance, or safely put away those precious toys and signed items from the vendors and celebrities appearing. This year there is something for every flavour of geek from Star Wars to Power Rangers, Dr Who to the men and women of wrestling. Guests include Gail Kim (former WWE Womens Champion, and 7 time TNA Womens Champion), Adam ‘Edge’ Copeland (7 time Heavyweight Champion, and 4 time WWE Champion), Lou Ferrigno (The Incredible Hulk, 2 time Mr Universe), Joonas Suotamo (Chewbacca from The Force Awakens onwards), Paul McGann (Dr Who #8), Jeremy Bulloch (Boba Fett), and Mini Me himself Verne Troyer among others.


Liverpool comic con 2018 was wall to wall with fans of all kinds, and stands packed with toys, artwork, and collectibles of every variety. It was a venue full of happy faces, and numerous characters passing by with costumes ranging from face paint to full body armour. Charity costuming groups ‘Imperial Order 66 UK’ and ‘Sentinal Squad UK’ had a large number of members in attendance, as well as the Northwest Garrison, and members of the Rebel Legion. The Cosplayer groups were fundraising at various Movie Prop photo opportunites including a Trash compactor set you could be photographed inside, as well as roaming about appearing in thousands of photos across the weekend with the fans.

Viper and Battlestar Galactica Cosplayers

Among the many activities to enjoy across both days of the show were talks by the stars in attendance, a Cosplay contest, a full sized video game arcade of classic games including Frogger, Operation Wolf, Commando and Sega Rally. From classic games to the most modern with Star Wars Battlefront II VR demonstrations, and the usual opportunity to meet the stars and have a photo with them, or have your treasured items autographed. Another highlight of the event was the spectacular full sized props including the Batwing, a Colonial Viper, the A Team van, Knight Riders KITT, Vader’s TIE X1, Scooby Doo’s Mystery Machine and of course the ubiquitous T.A.R.D.I.S.


The inevitable happened and I found myself loading up on Star Wars figures, and I knew it was time to leave or I might have to hitch-hike home. I walked out past two Thors adjusting each others wigs and capes, past the many families still streaming into the event and out into the normal everyday world. As I made my way along the docks, the immediately recognisable breathing of Darth Vader posing with people at the front door seemed to be calling me back to go round the floor one more time. Having seen the quality of show being put on by Monopoly Events, I know I definitely will be back!


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  1. A wonderful review of a great event. So glad someone else picked up the baton for this and made it such a success. It was our first visit as a family (the previous two didn’t appeal as the guests IMO didn’t fit the genre). What a fantastic day we had and I got to meet my hero Lou Ferrigno. The photo’s that have been posted on Facebook etc speak for themselves. Haven’t heard one negative comment of the weekend. Can’t wait for next year.

  2. Was an amazing couple of days and I can’t wait for next year, if we all pull together and think of ideas, we can make this comic con one of the biggest.

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