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Episode VII, The Force Awakens.  First new movie in a Star Wars trilogy, the first cinematic Star Wars experience for a new generation of fans.  No pressure.

The Force Awakens had so much expectation piled up, it seemed impossible it could pull off everything people wanted a movie to provide.  It needed to satisfy the old fans, and entice back the fans who were not happy with the prequel trilogy.  It needed to win the hearts and minds of a new generation of children who have more entertainment options than any other generation before them.  It also needed to turn a profit, make Disney’s shareholders and management happy, and also be a great movie!  Easy.

With the knowledge of the immense success of that movie, where does that leave Episode VIII?  To use a sporting analogy, JJ Abrahms has set up a winning goal, and passed the ball to Rian Johnson.  All he had to do is kick it in.  The Last Jedi not only scores that goal, it does it with great style and to be honest, the victory dance is well deserved.

The path our heroes started out on progresses naturally and everyone has something worthwhile to do, and something to strive for.  In a story filled with amazing spectacle, fantastic places and beautiful moments it is family and the understanding of what family really is, that drives this exciting and satisfying movie forward.

Great acting from all involved, including Hollywood pro’s Laura Dern and Benecio Del Toro keep the action flowing.  The runtime of the movie doesn’t feel long at all, it is only when you get to the end you realise all the things that have taken place means it’s almost time to fade to the credits.  Carrie Fisher is superb in this movie, and I am very happy with how Princess Leia’s character is handled in what can only have been very difficult circumstances following her passing away last December.

This movie had everything I wanted, and many more things I hadn’t even dreamed I might need from a Star Wars movie…I think it might be time to go back and start digging into all those details and relive some of the best Star Wars we have seen yet.  Rian Johnson has definitely earned his new trilogy with The Last Jedi.


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