Highlights of the Episode IX Panel

Star Wars Celebration Chicago 2019

The Episode IX panel ended by giving us a Teaser Trailer and announcing the name , which, in case you missed it is ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’.

But what else did we learn from JJ, Kathleen and some of the Episode IX cast?

‘We’ve immersed ourselves in everything George created, talked about it endlessly, and we’re so excited. Because I think what you’re going to end up seeing , you’re going to be so happy with’ – Kathleen Kennedy.

The panel starts with Stephen Colbert trying to get news from JJ and Kathleen, they are then joined by cast members, Anthony Daniels, Billy Dee Williams, Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Oscar Issac, Kelly Marie Tran, Joonas Suotamo, and newcomer Naomi Ackie.

Here are the main points I took from the panel:

  • Episode IX does not follow on directly from The Last Jedi. ‘Some time has passed’ – JJ Abrams
  • It is an adventure that the group goes on together. Who the group is was not confirmed when Stephen Colbert asked later in the panel.
  • Newcomer Naomi Ackie confirms her character is ‘Jannah’, who crosses paths with the ‘original group’ on their ‘epic adventure’.
  • Naomi did not confirm or deny the rumours that Lando is her Dad, instead saying Lando is a very charming man and could have children all over the universe!
  • John Boyega confirms Phasma is definitley dead, ‘Phasma, she dead!’
  • Daisy Ridley confirms that the lightsaber given to her by Luke lives on. She also states there will be no more semi-naked Kylo visions.
  • Kelly Marie Tran got the biggest cheer and a ‘Kelly’ chant which moved her to (a few) tears. JJ said the greatest thing Rian Johnson did was the casting of Kelly.
  • Greg Grunberg returns as Wexley and is seen in a picture with new alien Klad, a friend to the resistance.
  • We were introduced to a new droid, Dio, a singular wheel with a megaphone shape upper body.
  • Finally, after the trailer, we are taken back to the stage, it turns red, and there is Ian McDiarmid! Following the evil laugh in the trailer we can only assume he is back!

I am certainly looking forward to The Rise of Skywalker, how about you?

You can watch the full panel here:


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