Heroes of the Empire

A documentary by Speechless Films

On February 8th 2019, Heroes of the Empire will be available worldwide on Amazon Prime.

Heroes of the Empire is a documentary by Speechless Films that follows the 501st UK Garrison around the UK. The documentary shows the side of costuming most people don’t see.

From Heroes of the Empire on Facebook:

This award winning 60 minute documentary follows the 501st UK Garrison Star Wars™ costuming club around the UK, as they attend a variety of fund raising events – revealing the side of costuming you’ve never seen before.
From international film premieres to children’s hospital visits, witness the impact that the UK Garrison have on the hearts and minds of the fan’s they meet.
Many people have a misguided perception of costumers, labelling them as “nerds” and “geeks”. In order to change this perception, we were given the privileged opportunity to meet the families and the fans who have been directly inspired and supported by the UK Garrison.
The film will reveal the wide variety of people who are inspired to join the UK Garrison, from all walks of life and occupations. For these individuals, being “Heroes of the Empire” is their true identity.

Have a look at the trailer, and catch the full documentary on Prime Video.




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