Haslab Launch Jabba’s Sailbarge

In less than two months, Haslab has gone from unlikely dream to fully funded reality.  Hasbro revealed the new crowdfunding venture at their toyfair in February this year.  Working in a similar way to Kickstarter, or Gofundme, Haslab enables fans to pre-order special limited edition toys which would otherwise not be possible to create.

This initial trial features Jabba The Hutts Sail Barge, The Khetanna.  Check out the Haslab launch video below detailing what an amazing product this Sailbarge will be.

The Pre-order period closed with nearly 9000 backers, most of these coming in the last week.  It was looking like the goal was not going to be reached but having blown right past the 5000 minimum required, now all the backers need to do is endure a wait until February 2019 for their Sailbarge to be delivered.

Here is further video showing a timelapse of the painting and construction of the prototype Sailbarge

The Sailbarge is a beautiful piece for collectors to own, and sure to gain in value as time goes on. The only question we have now, is whats next for Haslab??

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