Hasbro SDCC 2019 Panel

The Winners, and Not Winners.

SDCC, or San Diego Comic Con for the uninitiated among you.  One of the biggest stages to show off whats new in the world of geek.  Hasbro has brought Star Wars fans a mixed bag this year, and I’m feeling a little mixed about it myself.

Lets start off with the good stuff, and you can decide at what point we get to the bad stuff depending on your point of view.  First up, Hyper Real Luke.  A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.  I was not a fan of the Hyper Real Vader revealed in February.  It might be the odd scale (8 inch), the sculpt, I can’t really put my finger on it but something just looked wrong to me.  Bespin Luke however looks incredible in his ‘Bespin Fatigues’ and comes with a bunch of accessories, hopefully including battle damage and Falcon recovery items.  Not quite Hot Toys level, but a good mid price trade off.

SDCC Luke Skywalker Hyper Real Hasbro-San-Diego-Comic-Con-2019-Reveals-lukebase

Next under the spotlight is The Black Series Boba Fett helmet.  You knew it was coming eventually, and it seems to be one of the better Black Series helmets based on these images.  Styled somewhere between the two most common versions of Boba’s helmet, I think it is more of an ‘Empire’ paint scheme than ‘Jedi’ although it is quite dark in these images.

SDCC Hasbro-San-Diego-Comic-Con-2019-Reveals-fettfront

Featuring flashing lights in the Rangefinder, which itself lowers by a button to bring the rangefinder into view, and loads of damage detailing you couldn’t ask for more here, it looks amazing.  We have come a long way from the old Rubies version.

SDCC Fett Hasbro-San-Diego-Comic-Con-2019-Reveals-fettrangefinder

Up next we have the Black Series Sith Trooper, and the SDCC version comes with an assortment of weapons.  I’m assuming the standard version probably wont have all of the gadgets, so probably best to pick one of these up to be sure you get the weapon you want to display it with.

SDCC Hasbro-San-Diego-Comic-Con-2019-Reveals-sithtroopercontrol

SDCC Hasbro-San-Diego-Comic-Con-2019-Reveals-sithtroopercontrol

And then we have something puzzling, and for me it was the point that Hasbro ran out of gas.  There is a series of Anime styled short cartoons on YouTube, called Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures.  They are aimed at showing cool moments of Star Wars to kids to get them interested, where they might not want to watch some 40 year old movie.  I think these are fine for what they are, but the majority of Star Wars fans are either not aware of them, or not interested.  For Hasbro then, to launch a range of figures based on these shorts is a little strange.

SDCC Hasbro-San-Diego-Comic-Con-2019-Reveals-vaderGiven that Hasbro has shown very little loyalty to the 3.75 inch range so far, and has only made a handful of characters for the last four movies in that scale.  And given that Hasbro has not reliably delivered any range to market since the Clone Wars range ended, why would they bring these out?  They are well articulated, and look very much like the cartoon itself but are five inch.  So we have 3.75, 5, 6, and 8 inch ranges underway now.

SDCC Hasbro-San-Diego-Comic-Con-2019-Reveals-hanThere were no 3.75 figures revealed at all this year, which is a great disappointment especially given the renewed commitment Hasbro made to The Vintage Collection at last years SDCC.  We can only hope that Force Friday brings us a better selection of new product across all ranges, and reveals more for The Mandalorian, The Clone Wars final season, and The Rise Of Skywalker.  Hasbro SDCC 2019 I will give you the same grade my teachers often gave me….B+, must try harder.

SDCC Hasbro-San-Diego-Comic-Con-2019-Reveals-chewieSDCC Hasbro-San-Diego-Comic-Con-2019-Reveals-3po



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