Hasbro PulseCon Star Wars Reveals

Hasbro PulseCon has revealed its upcoming Star Wars figure releases, all detailed below.

The Vintage Collection will continue in Autumn 2020 by re-releasing figures that fans may have missed out on. They have been updated with photo real technology. These will be released on reproductions of the original card backs. These figures will be :

  • Anakin Skywalker
  • Battle Droid
  • Queen Amidala
  • Tie Fighter Pilot

The Vintage Collection Star Wars TVC Carded Star Wars

Also in The Vintage Collection will be an Incinerator Trooper and Captain Rex.

TVC Incinerator Trooper

TVC Captain Rex

Next we move onto the Black Series reveals, with at least one figure announced for each trilogy.

Starting with the prequel trilogy and for the first time in the black series, there will be a Jar Jar Binks. This will be part of a deluxe line due to the size of the figure.

Black Series Jar Jar Binks

Black Series Jar Jar Binks

Also from the prequels is the Phase 1 Clone Trooper. This is the new definitive clone trooper.

Black Series Phase 1 Clone Trooper

Next is the Original Trilogy with a brand new sculpt of Boba Fett and the first time a Return of The Jedi Boba has been released in the Black Series line. With his removable rocket and extra accessories this will be a deluxe figure and is the new definitive Boba Fett.

Black Series Boba Fett

Black Series Boba Fett

Black Series Boba Fett

Onto the Sequel Trilogy and a figure people have been waiting for is Dark Side Vision Rey. This is the first Rise of Skywalker figure in this new Black Series range and has a cloth cape and the switch blade saber.

Black Series Dark Side Vision Rey

Black Series Dark Side Vision Rey

The Mandalorian figures have already been mentioned with Mando Mondays and new figures from the series will be revealed every week until December 21st 2020.

But 2 new Black Series figures were announced at PulseCon and were the Incinerator Trooper which utilises the new Stormtrooper sculpt.

Black Series Incinerator Trooper

Also announced was The Armourer which comes in premium packaging which was originally meant for the convention exclusives.

Black Series The Armour

Black Series The Armour

After the Black Series was the announcement of Wave 2 of the Archive Collection. The Archive collection is re-issues of old Black Series figures that proved popular. Wave 2 will have 4 figures

  • Clone Commander Cody
  • Luke Skywalker (Hoth)
  • Han Solo (Hoth)
  • Grand Admiral Thrawn

Archive Wave 2

The reveals for collectors ended with the next Force FX Elite Lightsaber which will be Ahsoka Tano’s. This will have the same features as the 3 other elite lightsabers but will also have a 3 colour changing blade with blue, green and yellow.

Ahsoka Force FX Elite Ahsoka Force FX Elite Force FX Elite Lightsabers

Everything is available on Hasbro Pulse for USA and Canada fans, and can be found at Amazon UK and other online UK retailers now.

Happy collecting everybody.


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