Film & Comic Con Bournemouth 2018

I heard someone say as they passed, “I can’t find my Sonic Screwdriver!”  The blue haired youth and his brass and leather steampunk friends, set off in search of the missing gadget. The group were immediately lost amongst the sea of costumed con-goers, and parents loaded down with treasure.  This is the sort of moment you can only experience at a fan convention.  Film & Comic Con Bournemouth was in full swing this weekend, with all the old favourites and some spectacular new attractions.  In attendance, Doctor Who himself Colin Baker, my favourite Imperial, Ken Colley – Admiral Piett, and an assortment of stars from all corners of fandom.

Leia Cosplay at Film & Comic Con Bournemouth

This event run by convention veterans Showmasters, has drawn fans young and old to the sunny seaside town, and provided family fun to cater to a wide variety of tastes.  Computer gaming, cosplay workshops and competitions, and an entire hall of tempting toys, art, and exquisite designer fudge and donuts to tempt every wallet.  Bonus attractions include photo opportunities with a Han in carbonite prop, and a recreation of the Governor’s office from The Walking Dead complete with zombie heads in fishtanks!  If Jurassic park is your thing there was even a Jeep to pose with, but luckily no dinosaurs.

colonial marines at film & comic con bournemouth

Cosplay groups were representing in large numbers, including members of The United Kingdom Colonial Marines and their pet facehugger, Vok’Chi Mandalorian clan, The Rebel Legion, and The Central Legion.  Everywhere you turned were fantastic costumes and everyone happy to pause for a photo for you, or with you, or both!  I met some amazing people, and had a great time, Showmasters – I’m already looking forward to the next one..

Film & Comic Con Bournemouth

You can see more images on our Facebook post, and if anyone finds that Sonic Screwdriver, leave a comment below.  Princess Leia is portrayed by Alice, and protected from The Empire by parents Mary and James.


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