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Fan Friday – The Running Stormtrooper

4th May 2018

This week we have a very special Fan Friday featuring Jez Allinson AKA The Running Stormtrooper (Make a Star Wars Wish & Spread A Smile). Jez has been running in Stormtrooper armour while raising money for charity, and is now in his 3rd and final year. His biggest event is the upcoming 100km run at Pinewood Studios on May 17th 2018. Please share this post to raise awareness and help Jez reach his fundraising target for 2 great causes, Make A Wish and Spread A Smile.
This is what Jez has to say about The Running Stormtrooper:

I run for fun, health and general wellbeing. I am also a huge Star Wars fan. In 2016 I decided to combine these 2 different elements of my life and become the Running Stormtrooper to raise some money for Make A Wish.
I had no idea that the Running Stormtrooper would still be running in 2018 and no idea that my alter ego would be featured inside the 2018 Guinness World Record Annual!

In 2016 I ran the London Marathon in full Stormtrooper armour, however after it was all over I knew I needed to do something even bigger for 2017. Running is addictive, as is charity fundraising.

For 2017 I set a triple challenge, I managed to convince Lucasfilm to allow me to have a dedicated fan booth/table at their huge Star Wars convention in Orlando, where I ran a half marathon a day for 4 days (on a treadmill) in full costume. Only 7 days later (massively fatigued, low on carbs, energy and jet lagged) I was running the London Marathon in the costume where I managed to get myself the Guinness World Record for fastest Marathon dressed as a Star Wars Character (male). The final part of my challenge was running 40 miles (to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Star Wars) around the park adjacent to Pinewood Studios, and running the last mile within Pinewood Studios, ending up outside the Lucasfilm building. I asked a Make A Wish recipient (a young lad called Oliver who is a huge Star Wars fan) to join me for the last 50 meters. He is the little lad in a costume who is crossing the line with me at Pinewood in the photo. The whole season went brilliantly and I managed to smash my target of £10,000 by over 30%.

I thought that would be it. I thought I’d stop, however after balling my eyes out whilst watching Children in Need in November 2017 I knew I needed to do more. Therefore in 2018 the decision has been made to raise money for 2 special charities: Make A Wish & Spread A Smile.

2018 will be the last year for The Running Stormtrooper. Star Wars is all about Trilogies so it seems fitting to do a third and final year. However, I needed to come up with something really big. This year the Running Stormtrooper tackled the London Marathon however, the main event, the really big one will be on May the 17th when I will attempt to run 100Km in the Stormtrooper armour! I will begin my journey at midnight within the ‘lit’ Pinewood Studios complex, as the sun rises I will leave the site and run around Black Park, and once again return to the Pinewood Studios at the end, or as I lose light.

You can donate to Jez here and find out more about his story here.

Good Luck Jez and May The Force Be With You!

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