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Fan Friday – The Josh Time

25th May 2018

This week we have an extremely talented Cosplayer who has mastered a number of different characters. Here’s Joshua of the North to explain his love of Cosplay, and Star Wars.

Though I am a part of many fandom’s, Star Wars is definitely one of my earliest. From my toddler days, when my father would quote Darth Vader lines at me before I even knew what the films were, to my childhood years when I would pretend to pilot an X-wing shooting down TIE’s or make Lightsaber noises while swinging around a wrapping paper tube, to present day, slowly, yet obsessively adding to my Star Wars collection or attending opening nights in costume, Star Wars is a franchise that has been a major presence in my geeky life.

It has been roughly a decade since I began independently making cosplays for myself, and about half that time since I really started to get serious about things like prop making and sewing for the hobby. Other than the fact that I’ve loved dressing up for Halloween ever since childhood, what drew me to cosplay was the fact that by wearing a favourite character from a favourite fandom, my interest was on display immediately which meant it was easier to find fellow fans and likeminded folks. As someone who is painfully shy in real life, I have very few opportunities to open up about my favourite films, video games or tv series, whereas being in cosplay allows me to connect with other fans almost instantaneously.

That said, I didn’t get around to doing my first Star Wars cosplay until the end of 2015, when I wanted to wear something recognisable for opening night of The Force Awakens, but didn’t have the resources to make any props or armour. I decided to go as the smoothest smuggler turned entrepreneur in the galaxy, Lando Calrissian. He has since been a regular cosplay of mine as I never feel more confident than when I strut a con floor with Lando’s winning smile and a flowy blue cape. My Lil’ Sis eventually joined me after I made her a Nien Nunb cosplay so Lando’s Millennium Falcon co-pilot would keep him company at conventions.

Baze Malbus was a character I knew I wanted to do the moment I saw him in the Rogue One teaser trailer. After two weeks of non-stop sewing and crafting using the thriftiest material I had on hand, I debuted Baze at Toronto ComiCon 2017, and it has been one of my most popular cosplays to date. He has earned me costume awards, interviews for various media, and even the attention of my local 501st Garrison & Rebel Legion! Lil’ Sis joined me once again soon after when I made a Chirrut Îmwe cosplay for her, as well as a Bodhi Rook for my Youngest Sister, to represent the under-represented of the Rogue One crew.

My latest Star Wars cosplay, Tasu Leech from The Force Awakens, was made completely on a whim just a couple of nights before FanExpo Canada 2017. Since I hadn’t done sequel trilogy characters yet and wanted to fit in with all the Poes and Phasmas, I realized that I could use my slight likeness to Yayan Ruhian to my advantage and become the leader of Kanjiklub. Cosplaying Tasu Leech earned me an unofficial place marching with the 501st for their TFA group, and even crazier, the approval of Yayan himself!

Outside of Star Wars, you’re likely to have seen me cosplaying characters from Middle-earth (The Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit) or Harry Potter, the former of which I have quite a number of costumes. When not dressing up, I’m probably drawing fandom inspired art in whatever medium I feel like that day.

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