Fan Friday

Fan Friday – Adrian Thorpe

9th February 2018

This weeks spotlight is on fellow toy collector and toy photographer, Adrian Thorpe.
Adrian is a fan from the UK who likes to take time out to produce Toy Photography. Although a big Star Wars fan, he also incorporates other sci-fi properties such as Dr Who, Star Trek, Marvel and 2000AD into his work. There may not be a degree for Toy Historian…yet, but if there was Adrian would get a first, with his varied knowledge and love of all the great shows (and their merchandise!) ranging through the decades.
Have a look through a small portion of the photos Adrian has taken, as well as a glimpse into his collection set up. Keep up the great work Adrian.

Han, Luke & Leia - Fan Friday toy photography R2-D2 & Jawa - Fan Friday toy photography Star Wars Indiana Jones crossover - Fan Friday toy pphotography Dr Who - Fan Friday toy photography Dr Who Fan Friday Toy Photography Star Wars Collection - Fan Friday Star Wars Collection - Fan Friday Star Wars Fan Friday toy photography Han Shot First - Fan Friday toy photography


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