DeAgostini Build Your Own 1:18 Scale X Wing

Red Five Standing By

Star Wars fans all around the world have one thing in common.  A growing collection of precious memorabilia that allows our love of Star Wars, a life beyond the screen.  To really make your collection stand out you need something unusual.  Something that will make your friends turn as green as Yoda with envy!  What better than a museum quality model that you have built yourself to really give you a sense of achievement?  Look no further than the DeAgostini 1:18 scale Red Five X-Wing model which you can have delivered to your home, or buy through your local newsagent.

DeAgostini book and parts

DeAgostini parts oneThis replica of Luke Skywalkers X-Wing from A New Hope comes complete with incredible detail inside and out, and the finished model has a huge wingspan of 65 cm.  The amazing realism of the DeAgostini X-Wing is further enhanced by light up thrusters, cannons and cockpit controls. In the first four issues you receive parts for an R2-D2 which lights up and turns his head when inserted into the Astromech socket.  As if that wasn’t enough, the S-Foils (or wings, if you prefer) are motorised and open and close via a remote control.

DeAgostini front attack positiondeagostini top viewThe DeAgostini Build Your Own X-Wing is a fantastic display piece. Each issue comes with a selection of parts, and a magazine detailing everything from McQuarries artwork and design process to Colin Cantwells creation of the models used for A New Hope.  The cinematography and behind the scenes information as well as in-universe pilot biography’s sit nicely alongside step by step building instructions and nice clear images.

deagostini booklet p1deagostini booklet p2The instructions are so easy even I could follow them.   A feature I really enjoyed is the bite size approach DeAgostini takes with each issue.  You don’t need to set out a bunch of tools, and mix up paints, everything is prepainted and clips together easily.  You can complete each issues parts in the time it takes to relax with a hot drink.  This is especially helpful because some of the parts are very small – just click it into place and it’s done.

deagostini booklet p3

Deagostini r2 builddeagostini laser cannonIf you order the DeAgostini build your own X Wing before the 4th of September, you can also become the proud owner of a Boba Fett Statue and Tin Plate ‘A New Hope’ poster using code PROMOXWINGUK.  As an added bonus, orders placed through the link below will also receive a number of free gifts which you can also check out via the link. Lastly, you can also take advantage of a further offer to upgrade to the premium edition to receive a pilot figurine, and hanger diorama as seen below.

Order your DeAgostini Build Your Own X-Wing Here

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