2019 : The Year Of The Hutt

When it was announced, the production of Jabba The Hutt’s Sail Barge ‘The Khetanna’ sent a tremor through the force, and the Star Wars community.  As the first project from Hasbro’s crowd funding platform ‘Haslabs‘, this massive vehicle for tiny plastic space men is an impressive start.  Needing 5000 nerds to power it, the campaign went over 8000 and the Khetanna set sail.

Fast forward a year and The Barge as it is more commonly known is almost ready to ship.  Hasbro hasn’t missed an opportunity to make those vital add-on sales.  They know we definitely want Rancor-fries with that tasty burger!!  So here is a rundown of some of the Jabba The Hutt themed items pouring out to make 2019, the year of the Hutt.

The Barge

The Big daddy of 3.75 scale Playsets, eclipsing 40 year champion The Cardboard Death Star, and runner up Legacy Millennium Falcon.  Including a carded Yak Face with collectors coin, just like the old timey figures. Complete with richly detailed interiors and removable side panels, this is a must have piece. The first shipments of the Haslabs version are arriving soon, but don’t worry if you missed out on the initial offer.  Hasbro has confirmed they intend to sell some to Europe and Australia via Ebay.  Start saving now!!

Hutt's skiff The Vintage Collection

The Skiff

The last vehicle I purchased from the Return Of The Jedi range was the Skiff.  Boxed versions of that toy which was a clearance item at the time, have gone on to pay for college tuitions in the after market.  This stylish new version is very similar to the classic, which was to be fair, already very movie accurate.  This time around the paint job and detailing is a lot better, and of course you get the nifty stand which will be better than the flimsy drop down legs of the original.  If you have a Barge on your shopping list you need two of these to fly alongside.

Toy-Fair-New-York-2019-Hasbro-Official-Images-011 Hutt skiff guard

The Crew

Who is flying all these ships?  This bunch of goons are the lastest in The Vintage Collection showcase of Jabba’s palace no-good-niks.  This is a three pack of Skiff guards, and is the perfect accompaniment to the re-released Gamorrean and Lando Skiff Guard figures.

jabbas palace hutt boxart

Home Again

Last but not least, The Jabba’s Palace playset.  This is a strange one.  While very nicely detailed, and including two carded figures to ensure everybody buys at least one.  It’s literally just a wall.  Also the Han in carbonite appears to be one sided.  This is a missed opportunity for a second side with thawing out action. The only thing I can think is there is another set coming, possibly a Jabba and Throne, to marry up with this.  This is after all, the year of the Hutt.

jabbas palace hutt open

You can pre-order most of these items at Entertainment Earth

Title image : Sideshow Toys Jabba The Hutt.


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